Jan 12, 2023: ASTS 23rd Annual Winter Symposium

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS   – Paragonix Technologies, Inc., a leader in Advanced Organ (AOP) technology, is glad to announce that we are attending the ASTS 23rd Annual Winter Symposium and support the event on Jan 13, 2023.

The American Society of Transplant Surgeons represents approximately 2,000 professionals dedicated to excellence in transplantation surgery. ASTS advances the art and science of transplant surgery through patient care, research, education, and advocacy.  The date of ASTS 23rd Annual Winter Symposium is Jan 13, 2023~Jan 15, 2023.

To visit the Paragonix Technologies exhibit and meet members of their team at ASTS, we are at booth 12. For more information about Paragonix, visit www.paragonix.com.

About Paragonix Technologies

Paragonix Technologies creates organ transportation devices that safeguard organs during the journey between donor and recipient patients. Our devices incorporate clinically proven and medically trusted cold preservation techniques in a novel suspension system to provide unprecedented physical and thermal protection. Paragonix is a leading provider of FDA cleared and CE marked transport devices for organ preservation.

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