Paragonix Announces First-in-Human use of LIVERguard™ Donor Liver Preservation System by Mayo Clinic

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS – Dec. 15, 2021 –  Paragonix Technologies, the leading hypothermic cardiothoracic organ preservation provider, announced today the first-in-human clinical use of the only FDA cleared cold storage device for donor livers, the LIVERguard™ Donor Liver Preservation System by Mayo Clinic in Florida, one of the largest Liver Transplant Centers in the United States.

The LIVERguard™ System provides a highly controlled, state-of-the art environment for hypothermic liver preservation, coupled with real-time digital monitoring to safeguard a donor liver throughout the transplant journey from donation to transplantation. Like all Paragonix systems, the LIVERguard™ System represents a fundamental advance over the use of ice and off-the-shelf coolers that have been the standard-of-care in organ transplantation for over 50 years. 

This first-in-human LIVERguard™ transplant aligns with the launch of the GUARDIAN-LIVER global registry, a comprehensive study that seeks to evaluate a missing piece of the organ procurement process: the impact of methods and technologies used for liver preservation and transportation and their contribution to the clinical outcome and success of transplant surgery. At the outset of the program, a total of eleven leading Liver Transplant Centers have joined the GUARDIAN-LIVER Registry.

The LIVERguard System is the latest addition to the Paragonix portfolio of organ preservation and transport systems. It is built on the same proven technology architecture as the Paragonix SherpaPak® Cardiac Transport System and the LUNGguard Donor Lung Preservation System which have been widely adopted for heart and lung transplantation over the past two years. “Our team at Paragonix strives to provide donor organs and transplant recipients every possible advantage for a second chance at life,” said Lisa Anderson, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Paragonix Technologies. “We are honored to collaborate with the team at Mayo Clinic to reach this incredible milestone and begin making an impact to as many liver transplant patients as possible.” 

About Paragonix Technologies

Paragonix Technologies markets organ transportation devices that safeguard organs during the journey between donor and recipient patients. Our devices incorporate clinically proven and medically trusted cold preservation techniques in a novel suspension system to provide unprecedented physical and thermal protection. Paragonix is a leading provider of FDA cleared and CE marked transport devices for organ preservation.

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