Delivering a New Standard in Lung Preservation

Paragonix LUNGguard™

Donor Lung Preservation System

Paragonix LUNGguard™ Donor Lung Preservation system brings the award-winning technology of the Paragonix SherpaPak CTS to the world of lung transplantation.  The first-of-its-kind preservation method is a major advancement over the current ice and cooler practice used today.

The LUNGguard incorporates the Paragonix proprietary cooling technology to ensure thermal protection for up to 48 hours for all donor lungs while providing a rigid and protective structure for physical safety.

All these features are offered alongside a state-of-the-art app that connects to the LUNGguard via bluetooth for on-the-go monitoring.

Controlled Temperature Range

Proprietary phase changes technology prevents exposure to excessive temperature reduction

Rigid Structure for Physical Protection

Rigid tray and rack structure isolates donor lung from physical and thermal trauma

Integrated Reporting and Monitoring 

Real-time monitoring and data reporting via Bluetooth® connection with mobile devices

Stable Preservation Environment

Lightweight shipper system is validated for a consistent thermal environment for over 40 hours

Advancing Lung Preservation

The endothelium of the lung is an extremely vulnerable tissue. Outside of the body, cells once safeguarded by protective homeostatic conditions are suddenly exposed to a highly variable environment. This change can cause harm to such an important layer of tissue.

Current best practices, presented by Mushi et al,  point out that, “maintaining viability of the lungs depends on several preservation factors including… storage temperature, mode of transportation, and ischemic times.”1

The International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation has published a consensus statement that warns to, “avoid direct contact of ice on the lungs as it can cause tissue injury”.2

It’s been published that donor lungs are may be at risk of injury from:

  • Low temperatures, especially those below 2° C
    • Recommended storage temperature is between 4-8°C
  • Protracted cold ischemia
  • Physical trauma incurred during retrieval, transportation, and transplantation

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A Well Documented Need

The need for this device has never been greater. We sought out a collaboration with Paragonix because we saw first-hand the significant challenges in lung transplantation and just how impactful this technology could be

Jeffery Goldstein, President and Founder of the Lung Transplantation Foundation