Q&A: A device to transport organs safely

Med-Tech Innovation News spoke to Dr. Lisa Anderson, CEO of Paragonix, about its SherpaPak solution which allows for the safe transportation of organs prior to transplants.

From Med-Tech Innovation News

Tell us about your innovation – what went into its creation?

Paragonix was conceived in response to our surprise at the lack of innovation in donor organ transport in the last 50 years. The standard of care, ice storage, had not changed since the inception of organ transplant in the 1960s. We determined there was a need for a more scientifically reproducible, measurable, and reliable solution to transporting an organ from a donor to recipient. We set out to create a new standard for organ preservation and transport that would provide the care and quality of handling commensurate with transporting such a valuable gift and improve patient outcomes worldwide. Paragonix has been developing these novel donor organ preservation and transport systems since 2012. In 2018 we realised the first step in our vision, launching Paragonix SherpaPak Cardiac Transport System for Donor Heart preservation in, and to date have preserved over 900 donor hearts worldwide.

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