Literature Relating to Paragonix​

The below-listed literature is intended to provide the reader with scientific literature that reviews various aspects of the current methods of donor organ storage on ice. Abstracts and relevant information taken from the published articles highlight the need for:

First Experience With A New Storage Device For Cold Heart Preservation

Authors: Andreas Zuckermann, Johannes Gökler, Phillip Kaiser, Enise Ceran , Nina Neuber, Günther Laufer, Arezu Aliabadi-Zuckermann BackgroundThe standard technology for heart preservation for transplantation is cold static storage on ice. No temperature control is performed routinely and therefore lower or higher temperatures can occur leading to injury of the graft.

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Preservation of donor hearts using hypothermic oxygenated perfusion

BACKGROUND: Hypothermic machine perfusion of donor hearts enables continuous aerobic metabolism and washout of toxic metabolic byproducts. We evaluated the effect of machine perfusion on cardiac myocyte integrity in hearts preserved for 4 h in a novel device that provides pulsatile oxygenated hypothermic perfusion (Paragonix Sherpa Perfusion™ Cardiac Transport System).

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Frostbite of The Liver: An Unrecognized Cause Of Primary Non‐Function?

“Appropriate hypothermic packaging techniques are an essential part of organ procurement. We present a case in which deviation from standard packaging practice may have caused sub‐zero storage temperatures during transport, resulting in a clinical picture resembling PNF.  An 18‐month‐old male with alpha‐1‐antitrypsin deficiency underwent liver transplant from a size‐matched pediatric

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Organ Preservation: Current Concepts & New Strategies For The Next Decade

“Cold storage of the heart is one of the most challenging fields for organ preservation because of the high sensitivity of cardiac muscle to hypoxic injury and the serious perioperative consequences of inadequate preservation, leading to poor early graft function with associated high morbidities and mortalities. Careful selection of donor hearts is mandated.”

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