Literature Relating to Paragonix​

The below-listed literature is intended to provide the reader with scientific literature that reviews various aspects of the current methods of donor organ storage on ice. Abstracts and relevant information taken from the published articles highlight the need for:

Primary Graft Failure After Heart Transplantation

Primary graft failure (PGF) is a devastating complication that occurs in the immediate postoperative period following heart transplantation. It manifests as severe ventricular dysfunction of the donor graft and carries significant mortality and morbidity. In the last decade, advances in pharmacological treatment and mechanical circulatory support have improved the outlook for

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The Relevance Of Ice Crystal Formation For The Cryopreservation Of Tissues & Organs

This paper discusses the role of ice crystal formation in causing or contributing to the difficulties that have been encountered in attempts to develop effective methods for the cryopreservation of some tissues and all organs. It is shown that extracellular ice can be severely damaging but also that cells in situ in tissues can behave quite differently from similar cells in a suspension with respect to intracellular freezing.

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Organ Reperfusion & Preservation

Organ transplantation is one of the medical success stories of the 20th century. Transplantation is, however, a victim of its own success with demand for organs far exceeding supply. The ischemia/reperfusion injury associated with organ transplantation is complex with interlinking cellular pathways and cascades. With increasing use of marginal organs

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Accumulation of Crystal Deposits In Abdominal Organs Following Perfusion With Defrosted University Of Wisconsin Solutions

Previous studies reported on both visible and invisible particles in University of Wisconsin (UW) solutions. Those particles originated from components of the bags. In recent clinical observations we noticed macroscopically visible, indissoluble particles in UW bags reaching subzero temperatures during transportation of organs and preservation solutions

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