The First Clinical Use of a Novel Cold Storage System of Donor Hearts

Naito, et al.Journal of Heart and Lung TransplantationApril 2019; Volume 38, Issue 4, S44. Purpose : Current cold storage heart preservation technique is associated with wide fluctuation of organ temperature and may result in freeze injury. SheraPak™ Cardiac Transport System (CTS) (Paragonix Technologies, MA, USA) was recently approved in the United

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Oxygen consumption during oxygenated hypothermic perfusion as a measure of donor organ viability.

Bunegin L, Tolstykh GP, Gelineau JF, Cosimi AB, Anderson LMASAIO Journal2013 Jul-Aug; 59(4):427-32 Hypothermic machine perfusion (HMP) for the preservation of kidneys, recovered from extended criteria organ donors (ECDs), presents the opportunity for assessing ex vivo parameters that may have value in predicting postimplantation organ viability. Organ perfusion and vascular resistance are the

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The application of fluidics technology for organ preservation.

Abstract A prototype design of a portable, pulsatile, perfusion preservation device based on a novel application of fluidics technology was tested to evaluate its ability to oxygenate preservation solution and to examine the relationship between organ resistance, perfusion pressure, and perfusion flow characteristics. The effects of organ resistance on pulse rate, perfusion pressure, and perfusion flow were modeled. Interstitial PO2 in

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2020 ISHLT Paragonix SherpaPak™ Summit

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