Paragonix SherpaPerfusion™1
Transport System


  • Ice storage results in excessive, uneven cooling near or below 0°C
  • Paragonix SherpaPerfusionTM(1) maintains and monitors hypothermia between 4–8°C (Data on File)
  • Paragonix SherpaPerfusionTM(1) provides temperatures readings of organ preservation solution


  • Ice storage utilizes bags and/or containers not tested for organ use
  • Ice storage method results in organs touching bags/containers
  • Paragonix SherpaPerfusionTM(1) fully immerses organ in solution via connector


  • In ice storage, organ ‘sits’ in same solution during preservation, while waste products accumulate and metabolites are consumed
  • Paragonix SherpaPerfusionTM(1) provides perfusion to replenish solution while maintaining solution constituents and pO2
1 Paragonix SherpaPerfusion™ is not currently commercially available in the U.S.  Patents issued and pending.
  • © Bryce Vickmark. All rights reserved. 617.448.6758
  • © Bryce Vickmark. All rights reserved. 617.448.6758
  • © Bryce Vickmark. All rights reserved. 617.448.6758
  • © Bryce Vickmark. All rights reserved. 617.448.6758
  • Rigid, sterile canister sets contain pulsatile perfusion mechanism and snap into transport shipper.
  • Oxygenation of preservation solution via an M4 oxygen tank connected to sterile canister sets.
  • Easy transport of shipper containing perfused donor heart and convenient wireless temperature monitoring.

Oxygenated hypothermic perfusion for donor heart preservation

  • Simple connection to perfusion mechanism via aortic root
  • Automatic purging and priming
  • Pulsatile perfusion of the coronary arteries
  • Efficient oxygenation of preservation solution up to pO2 = 400 mmHg

Indicated for donor heart preservation and transportation

  • Conventional ice chests are an uncontrolled method of donor organ transport
  • All components are fully validated
  • Use with any FDA-cleared, effective preservation solution indicated for donor hearts

Maintains safe organ preservation temperature

  • No temperature gradients across donor hearts
  • Storage temperature is validated for 12+ hours
  • Two rigid sterile canisters plus shipper provide triple barrier protection of organs

Monitor and record organ temperature with Paragonix SherpaTrak™

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