Every Possible Advantage™

At Paragonix, our mission is to create a new standard for organ preservation and transport that improves patient outcomes worldwide. We strive to protect the ultimate donation with the dignity and safety it deserves to give patients every possible advantage to thrive.


Recipient Waitlist Time

Faster transplantation due to more aggressive organ acceptance

Donor Organ Transport

100% control, tracking, monitoring and reporting

Transplant Organs

Better preserved donor organs for surgeons and patients

Clinical Outcomes

Reduce Primary Graft Dysfunction

SherpaPak CTS with Canister
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Paragonix SherpaPak® Cardiac Transport System

Our flagship product, the Paragonix SherpaPak® Cardiac Transport System is the leading FDA-cleared and CE-marked medical device for heart transportation.

In 2020, the Consensus Statement from ISHLT on Donor Heart and Lung Procurement warned against the risks of tissue damage from ice and cited the Paragonix SherpaPak CTS as a new technology to prevent freezing.

Continually Improving Patient Outcomes

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Donor Organs Preserved
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Transplant Centers
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Clinical Studies

Paragonix App & Web Portal

Featuring VantagePoint™ Advanced Donor Organ Tracking

Follow your transplant’s journey from beginning to end.

Real-time, centralized, secure coordination for transplant teams, including pairing with  Paragonix organ transport systems to share organ status with the entire team.

VantagePoint™ Advanced Tracking enables an additional layer of secure GPS monitoring allowing teams to view donor organs in transit.

Paragonix Donor Organ Tracking app
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LUNGguard Donor Lung Preservation System
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Advancing Lung Preservation

Delivering a New Standard in Lung Preservation. Paragonix LUNGguard™ provides a sterile and temperature controlled environment for organs traveling between operating rooms. The product is designed to be easy-to-use in stressful, clinically demanding environments where there is no room for mistakes.

Move on from Ice and Unpredictable Results

The LIVERguard™ System brings a new approach to donor liver preservation and transport. An FDA cleared and CE marked hypothermic liver preservation device, the LIVERguard™  system is designed for repeatable, predictable, and measurable organ transport.

LIVERguard Hero
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Kidney KTS

Kidney Transport System

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Pancreas PTS

Pancreas Transport System

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1. D’Alessandro et al., The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 2021, Volume 40, Issue 4, Supplement, S127, April 01, 2021

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