Procurement Services

Clinical & Logistical Support

In the mission-critical world of transplantation, where there is no margin for error, Paragonix delivers the most advanced technologies to support transplant teams around the world every day.

Clinical Procurement Services
Donor Organ Procurement

Advanced Preservation. Advanced Care.

Paragonix Transplant Recovery Services allow your staff to focus entirely on your patient. The exclusive partner with best-in-class service provider Transplant Advocates, our transplant recovery services provide skilled procurement surgeons, surgical assistance, and preservationists along with logistics support to minimize disruptions to your program.

24 Hour Clock

24/7 Availability

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Always Ready to Deploy


Full Service Support

Giving transplant patients every possible advantage
Giving transplant patients every possible advantage

Full Suite of Transplant Services

Whether you need procurement surgeons, surgical assists, organ preservationists, coordination, or transportation – we have you covered. Paragonix provides on-call service with 24-hour availability customized to fit the specific needs of each transplant center.

  • Experienced Procurement Teams
  • Real-Time Coordination
  • Organ Evaluation & Procurement
Paragonix Tech Support
Paragonix Option Program

Clinical Support Services

Paragonix offers a national network of clinical specialists trained on organ procurement to support the use of Advanced Organ Preservation Devices. Clinical services include:

  • Product Deployment
  • Clinical Training Support
  • Communication & GPS Location
  • Organ Delivery

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