Paragonix App

When a Life is on the Line

Pairing the performance of Paragonix with real-time data to connect teams no matter where they are.

Paragonix App

When a Life is on the Line

Pairing the performance of Paragonix with real-time data to connect teams no matter where they are.

Paragonix App
Paragonix Web Portal and App

Delivering a New Standard in Organ Preservation & Transport

In the mission-critical world of transplantation, where there is no margin for error, Paragonix delivers the most advanced technologies to support transplant teams around the world every day. The Paragonix app offers real-time, centralized, secure coordination for transplant teams including pairing with the Paragonix organ transport systems to share organ status with the entire team.


Bluetooth pairing with all the Paragonix organ preservation systems enables team members in a session to track organ conditions.


GPS tracking of procurement team en route to and from the donor center.


At-a-glance graphic status trackers provide a snapshot summary of timing of key events in the transplant case.


HIPAA compliant messaging with photo and video communication to keep the procurement team, OPO, donor hospital, and recipient team informed.

Introducing VantagePoint™ Advanced Organ Tracking

Achieve a New VantagePoint™ 

VANTAGEPOINT™ Advanced Tracking enables an additional layer of secure GPS monitoring to track the device remotely via a supplementary tracker, allowing teams to view the device in transit without any accompanying personnel.

  • Real-Time, Accurate Location Data
  • Simple Tracker Activation
  • Hands-off Oversight
  • 5G Future-Proofing
VantagePoint Donor Organ GPS Tracking
Flight Tracking

Introducing Flight Tracking

Visualize Flight Activity

Upload unique flight information to grant the entire team access to the donor organ’s travel journey, including an estimated arrival time so the team is ready to move immediately upon landing.

  • Comprehensive Case Coordination
  • Automatic Location Updates During Flight
  • Case-by-Case Configuration

Paragonix Web Portal

Real-time, Centralized, Secure Coordination 

Transplant teams can now connect via both web and mobile devices

Paragonix Technologies, Inc. is announcing the release of the recently developed Paragonix Web Portal, an accessible support platform that connects with Paragonix organ transport systems to enable transplant teams the ability to digitally participate in live sessions or review historical cases and clinical case data. The web portal offers real-time temperature data that can connect teams across any distance and is now available on any device, including phones, tablets, or desktops.

Paragonix Web Portal

Every minute counts

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